Amazing Thailand

Thailand Floating Market 2Images of Thailand 2Thailand is an amazing country to visit. I have been living here for the past nine years and I can say that life is very good! Unlike Europe and North America, Thai people are very relaxed in all aspects of life. They don’t like stressful lifestyle. You can live here for years, but you will hardly see people fighting on the streets! I am not saying they don’t quarrel or fight with each other, the thing is that they don’t do it very often, as compared with other countries!
For anyone who wants to visit Thailand, there are a lot of good places to go to spend good time. There are a lot of beautiful beaches and historical sites where you can relax and forget about all the worries of the world!
For those who like mountains, you can head to the north for the beautiful mountainous scenery in Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand. Those who love the sea can make their way towards the beautiful beaches of the islands in the south. The city lovers can also find something worthwhile to do in Bangkok.
The cost of living is also very affordable. You can always manage to survive without spending too much money.

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