Traveling is one of my hobbies. I started traveling with my dad when I was very young. I traveled to many places in my country Ghana. I started traveling outside my country when I finished high school.  The first country I set my foot on was the Republic of Togo, on my way to Nigeria. It was a very exiting moment in my life. I was so fascinated with the new environment; the new lifestyle and a bunch of a whole new life experiences.

My first funny experience was when I got to the immigration office in Togo. Togo is a French-speaking country and I come from an English-speaking country. So when I got there, the officer could only speak to me in French, and I could only reply in English. We couldn’t understand each other so he just let pass and go my way.

I finally reached my final destination, Lagos, Nigeria. There things got crazier! Life there was on a galloping pace.  The buses will not stop for you to get on and off, therefore you should get on and off while the buses slow down a little bit. A little mistake and you will find yourself in a very bad situation.  I learned a lot of things with my life outside my own country.  Later on, I also traveled to Ivory and Egypt.

My next travel endeavor took me to Europe for the first time. First, I landed at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France for a couple of hours, as my plane made a stopover there. Next, we made another  stopover in Dusseldorf, West Germany at that time ( 1984). Finally, I reached my final destination, Stockholm, Sweden. I also had the privilege of seeing other places like Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark and Zurich, Switzerland. Later on, I traveled to Russia and stayed there for a few years.

I have spent most of my traveling life in Asia. First in the Philippines. Then to Korea (South) and  now in Thailand.   I have traveled to many Southeast Asia countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and Cambodia.

Traveling around the world have helped me understand the cultures of people around the world. The more you get to know people in their native habitats, the more you get to appreciate them and their culture. I can say that most people who have traveled a lot have a sense of understanding and tolerance and they usually live peaceably with others from diverse cultures.

So let’s get to know each other and learn from each other, so we can live peacefully with each other!

Share your travel experiences here!

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