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Happiness Quote 2Have you ever had the experience of not getting what you really wish for? Have you failed in moving forward with your projects because things seem not to be going your way? Well, take heart! Don’t give up! Don’t quit for any reason. Stand your ground and go through the turbulence that life offers sometimes, because without those hard times, you may take life for granted.
Sometimes I’m amazed to watch tiny ants carrying objects several times bigger than themselves. I look, and I see a tiny ant carrying a Goliath size of food which it wants to store for future use. It will carry it up hill. When it thinks it has reached its destination, this tiny insect will tumble down, together with the dinner it has found. The interesting thing is that this creature never gives up. It gets hold of it again and tries one more time. Down it comes, with its over-sized load, and yet, it will continue to try in different ways until it finally succeeds!
Watching ants at work can give you tons of encouragement. These little creatures amaze me always! I have learned a lot of things from these little friends called ANTS:
1. They work both as individuals and as groups: – ants can work independently or as a group. They take on tasks that seem very laborious for such tiny creatures. They know when to call for assistance from their mates. When it is time to call for help, they don’t hesitate.


Ants at Work 8
2. They never give up: – with their size, you may be tempted to overlook the enormous feat that ants can attain. How do they accomplish all those heavy-duty tasks? They meet them through persistent efforts. If they fail, they will find another way to do it all over again, and they will not stop until they succeed!
3. They are hard-working: – ants work very hard in whatever task they undertake. They work tirelessly in carrying things across all sorts of terrain. There is no obstacle that can stop them from doing the job they set their eyes on.
4. They prepare for the future: – ants are a few species of living things (aside from human beings) that make better preparations for the unforeseeable future. They don’t take chances. I wonder how they know when it is time to prepare for the next season, while some people do not even know what to do for their own lives! They have very tiny brains and yet ants are able to plan out where and how to find their food for the days, weeks and months ahead. Incredible creatures!
5. They work against the odds: – I think ants are immune to obstacles that stand in the way when it comes to taking on mammoth tasks. Sometimes you may see ants carrying objects on a fast-flowing streams and rivers. They are swept away by these fast currents and yet, they will continue to work against the currents until they reach their destination with their out-of-proportion loads of burden. Strong winds may blow them away from their targets; however, they go right back to take on the task at hand and start all over again.


Ants at Work 5
6. They dare to take on tasks that are way too much for their stature: – do you sometimes stop to ponder on how ants take on such heavy-duty tasks? Sometimes I wonder how so small a creature dares to tackle undaunted stints. It is like a mouse trying to pull an over-sized sleeping bulldog! Sometimes some people lose all hope at the mere sight of the task to be attempted. You may feel intimidated by just looking at what you are supposed to do. We all experience situations like that at one point of our daily lives. Sometimes when I go for a walk at a park and I look at the size of the park, it gives me shivers in my bones, at the fact I am going walk around this huge park. In this situation, the most important thing is to get started. Once I get started, I don’t look back. I make sure that I accomplish the task. Ants are like that. They take tantalizing duties upon themselves and finish them with positive results.
7. They get things done: – you may have the desires and all the energies needed to take on various tasks, however, if you don’t get things done at the end of the day, there is nothing to celebrate for! You may have all the impetus to start a noble cause, in spite of that, if you do not achieve your goal in the end, you can never say you have succeeded. Like the ants, when you get things started, you should get things done, so that you can proudly say, this is what I have done! A dream comes true!


Ants at Work 3
8. They have the best teamwork mechanism: – ants will quickly team up to make bridges to ferry their cargo across a broken link along their path. They can also take turns in leading the hunt. The stronger ones will start the haul and when they get tired, new ones with fresh energy will take charge. They do not argue about who should get dirty first, they just give a helping hand as the situation calls for it.




9. They are good improvisers: – ants will stop at nothing to do their tasks. When they come to dead-ends, they quickly improvise and find a way out of every untenable situation that pops up to thwart their efforts. This is a characteristic of highly successful people. Like the famous violinist, Paganini, who could play even better with only one violin string at his disposal, so are the MIGHTY tiny ants.Nothing can practically, stop ants from setting goals and accomplishing them, even if all odds are against them.
If these tiny creatures can plan, set out and do tasks set before them and attain positive results, so can you! You can do much more than the ants!
So, Wake up! Stay up, and DON’T give up! FINISH UP, and enjoy the rewards of your hard work!

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