You and Your Health

What Pregnant Women Should Know.

The Health of Mothers and Their Offspring: Poor Diet Will Affect Future Generations. According to a recent health research posted on the website of National Institute of Health on June 28, 2016, “Poor Maternal Diet Affects Future Generations of Mice.” In this article written by Carol Torgan, PhD., “More than half of all pregnant women in the United States are overweight or obese. Babies born to obese mothers are at risk for developing obesity, heart disease, and diabetes as adults. There…

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Health and Longevity

In recent times, a lot of people have been actively finding ways to stay healthy and live longer. Some folks go on yo-yo dieting in order to lose weight and stay fit. Others take up some form of exercise. Some also go to the extreme, and undergo surgical procedures to shed some of their unwanted fat deposits in their bodies, so that they will feel good when they go out into the public arena. Because of the fact that so…

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