Science and Technology

What Scientific Researchers Have Found Out Lately

New Scientific Research Findings Do you want to know something new? Well, here are a few new scientific findings! 1.  Mental activities may protect against mild cognitive impairment Date: January 30, 2017 Source: Mayo Clinic Summary: Researchers have found that engaging in mentally stimulating activities, even late in life, may protect against new-onset mild cognitive impairment, which is the intermediate stage between normal cognitive aging and dementia. The study found that cognitively normal people 70 or older who engaged in…

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5 Sci-Fi Gadgets That Are In Use Today

  5 Sci-Fi Gadgets/Things That Are No More A Fantasy. Science and technology are fast taking things to higher levels every day. The twenty-first century has seen a breathtaking leap in the fields of science and technology. No one ever taught that gadgets seen in Sci-Fi movies (like Star Wars movies) would be realized in our lifetime, but today, we use robots in various ways to make life better for humanity. Mobile phones make it easier to communicate with loved…

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