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Kwame Amponsah

Consultant, South East Asia

Upon completion of his B.A degree in Religion and Biology in 1991, Mr. Amponsah began his career as a teacher, and with his passion in serving others through the teaching profession, Kwame has worked with students from around the globe including Ghana, Russia, South Korea and now Thailand. His 20 years of experience in teaching includes the subjects of English, Math, and Sciences. Mr Amponsah also completed his Master’s Degree in 2005.
Through his devotion to his students, Mr. Amponsah is now serving as an educational consultant, and continues to diligently help students in ensuring they receive the best education possible, achieving their goals in whatever career they wish to pursue. His ongoing commitment is to giving others every opportunity to become better citizens of their communities and the globe
Kwame resides in Bangkok, Thailand, and continues to serve as the primary access point for students in South East Asia. You can learn more about him on his website: kwamzworld

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