Back to Square One


When you hear the phrase: “Back to square one,” what comes to your mind? Does it mean that you should go and look for squares and get into the first square? Or maybe, if you can’t find a square, you draw your own squares and stand in one of them!
Well, “back to square one” simply means “starting all over again.”
I remember during my school days, my teachers will shout when we (the students) were learning new information: AGAIN! REPEAT! ONE MORE TIME! All those commands sent us “back to square one.” And I didn’t like going back to the beginning. I thought it was just a waste of time. But what I realized later on was that, it helped me and the other students to learn and remember whatever we learned very well, and because of that, I still remember some of the things I learned many, many years ago. I can even recite some of the English poems that I learned more than thirty years ago. Wow! There is really something good in going “back to square one”
In this world that we live in, in order to get the best results in anything you do, you should never get tired of going back to square one, because it is the road to perfection. I know that there are a few geniuses in the world, but I don’t know about anyone who can just do everything once and get the best results without doing them several times! That person should be a super-genius!
The lesson that l learned from this expression or phrase is that, it is not a crime to fail! However, it is a big mistake not to try again when you fail! It is like going for a driver’s license. Some people may go through all the processes just once and pass and get their driver’s licenses, while others may have to do it many times. But don’t worry if you have to do it several times. At the end of the day, you will gain more experience that will help save your life later.
Have you failed to accomplish some task(s) recently? If so, DON’T WORRY! Just go “back to square one” and start over. The important thing is to find the right way of doing whatever you want to do. When you find the right procedure(s), then you make sure that you do not make the same mistakes you made before. Anytime you go back to square one, find a different method that will help you get the desired results. Don’t repeat the same mistakes! Change your method and use a new method, and continue to do that until you finally get the right results.
Have a good day!

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