5 Sci-Fi Gadgets/Things That Are No More A Fantasy.

Science and technology are fast taking things to higher levels every day. The twenty-first century has seen a breathtaking leap in the fields of science and technology. No one ever taught that gadgets seen in Sci-Fi movies (like Star Wars movies) would be realized in our lifetime, but today, we use robots in various ways to make life better for humanity. Mobile phones make it easier to communicate with loved ones and transact business with just a press of the button.

Those who lived the 60s can still remember when you have to go to the post office, to the telegraph section, to send a telegram, which cost lots of money. Now you can send instant (SMS) messages for free to any part of the world, without having to go and stand in a long queue at the post office or internet cafe, thanks to mobile apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Imo, Facebook messenger, and so on. We have come a long way man!

5 Sci-Fi Gadgets/Things that Actually Exist Today

Most star wars movies lovers might wish their heroes in the series come to live.  Thanks to technology, today you can really acquire some of the costumes and gadgets in many sci-fi movies.

  • One gadget from Sci-Fi movies which is now here to stay is the Star Trek Replicator. This (Star Trek Replicator) has now become a reality, with the introduction of 3D printers. Food, jewelry, etc., can now have 3D makeovers.Star_Trek_Replicator_and_3D_printer
  • Another gadget from a Sci-Fi movie that is in use today is the Star Trek PADD, which Apple has now turned it into the popular handheld gadget known as the iPad. Anytime you use your iPad, don’t forget to appreciate the work of science fiction writers who have tons of fantastic imagination to come up with such innovative toys which are not a thing seen in Sci-Fi movies only, butcan be used in real time.
  • Star Trek PADDiPad
  • Now, here comes the Google Glass, which is a prototype of Star Trek Virtual Display Device. You can now join your favorite Star Trek movie characters in their quest of establishing new colonies. Seriously, it’s a thrill to be part of the journey to discover new galaxies and interract with their inhabitants. Don’t be left out. Join the fanfare and feel the pulse!
  • Google GlassStar Trek Virtual Display Device
  • Indoor Skydiving is a new sport that is gaining popularity around the world, thanks to Ender’s Game Antigravity Battle Room activities. This is how much Sci-Fi is changing our world like we have never seen before.
  • SkydivingEnders-Game-Anti-Gravity-Room-300x201
  • Finally, according to sources, the world will soon witness another Sci-Fi technology realization when the Hoverbike will go on sale in 2017. It will be a replica of the Star Wars Speeder Bike.

Hoverbike 2Star Wars Speeder Bike 2

I can go on and on to enumerate many Sci-Fi gadgets or things that are in use today which we never thought will happen.

Technology is changing the game in innovation faster than we imagined.  Who ever thought there would be something called Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) in China? It was someone’s fantasy, a couple of years ago, however it is now a reality. We will talk about this in my next modern science and technology article soon. Until then, its cheers!