Inspirational Reloaded

Have you ever had the experience of not getting what you really wish for? Have you failed in moving forward with your projects because things seem not to be going your way? Well, take heart! Don’t give up! Don’t quit for any reason. Stand your ground and go through the turbulence that life offers sometimes, because without those hard times, you may take life for granted. Sometimes I’m amazed to watch tiny ants carrying objects several times bigger than themselves.…

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Back to Square One

  When you hear the phrase: “Back to square one,” what comes to your mind? Does it mean that you should go and look for squares and get into the first square? Or maybe, if you can’t find a square, you draw your own squares and stand in one of them! Well, “back to square one” simply means “starting all over again.” I remember during my school days, my teachers will shout when we (the students) were learning new information:…

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