A Week To Remember This Life I Live

At the end of the day, there is always something to reflect upon. You may think again, about the opportunities that came your way and you missed! Teachers will reflect on the classes that were made unteachable by some naughty students. In the same way, students will reminisce on the topics they couldn’t comprehend (what all those scientific terminologies were about). Sales persons will ponder on their prospective customers who were about to make purchases but for one reason or…

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Find the Key(s)!

It is often distressing to come across people who complain just about everything! Nothing is good enough for them! It is even more stressful to live with a person whose job is to complain about everything instead of finding the way out of any ugly situation that pops up its ugly head. We have all heard these statements before: “I can’t do this!” “This is too difficult!” “How do I know which one is better?” “Can you do that?” And…

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Education Consultant

Kwame Amponsah Consultant, South East Asia   Upon completion of his B.A degree in Religion and Biology in 1991, Mr. Amponsah began his career as a teacher, and with his passion in serving others through the teaching profession, Kwame has worked with students from around the globe including Ghana, Russia, South Korea and now Thailand. His 20 years of experience in teaching includes the subjects of English, Math, and Sciences. Mr Amponsah also completed his Master’s Degree in 2005.  …

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This post is dedicated to those who believe in a Divine power other than human power, controlling the universe. Some people believe in God; some believe Buddha and others believe in something else. Whoever or whatever you believe in, here is a place where we all can meditate on words that inspire and encourage us to move on with our lives even though life gets tough and sometimes we don’t know what to do. When all seem lost and don’t…

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The Key

THE KEY: To Cure Your Incurable Diseases  In everything you do, there is a better way to approach it in order to achieve the best possible results. I have had fingernail problem for over a year. I have been to two different hospitals; seen three different dermatologists, and yet couldn’t find a cure for it. These dermatologists prescribed some medicine (creams and some tablets) to combat this social-killer disease, but to no avail. I decided then to quit finding a…

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Health and Longevity

In recent times, a lot of people have been actively finding ways to stay healthy and live longer. Some folks go on yo-yo dieting in order to lose weight and stay fit. Others take up some form of exercise. Some also go to the extreme, and undergo surgical procedures to shed some of their unwanted fat deposits in their bodies, so that they will feel good when they go out into the public arena. Because of the fact that so…

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