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At the end of the day, there is always something to reflect upon. You may think again, about the opportunities that came your way and you missed! Teachers will reflect on the classes that were made unteachable by some naughty students. In the same way, students will reminisce on the topics they couldn’t comprehend (what all those scientific terminologies were about). Sales persons will ponder on their prospective customers who were about to make purchases but for one reason or another, didn’t.

The list can go on and on, but for me, whatever happened in the past is gone and gone forever!  We may never be able to retrieve those missed opportunities. However, don’t lose hope! Don’t be downcast for those lost precious moments! As the saying goes, “Tomorrow is another day.” Come tomorrow, you will have another chance to make amends for what you have missed.


So as the hectic working week comes to a close (Thank God it’s Friday), just spend a little time to look back and take note of those things  which you were supposed to carry out but couldn’t. Then make a better preparation so you can meet your expected goals and aspirations next time. And to To  those who experienced positive outcomes in the past week, I will say congratulations, for your successes in whatever you excelled in. Keep it up and work harder to make more successes!

May your weekend restore your health to the topmost gear, so you can do better in the new working week that will soon come. Have an amazing Weekend!


Active Poeple

Find the Key(s)!

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It is often distressing to come across people who complain just about everything! Nothing is good enough for them! It is even more stressful to live with a person whose job is to complain about everything instead of finding the way out of any ugly situation that pops up its ugly head.

We have all heard these statements before: “I can’t do this!” “This is too difficult!” “How do I know which one is better?” “Can you do that?” And the whining can go on and on forever.

But thank goodness; there are always true life stories that debunks all complains that people make in order to opt out of even trying to make an attempt to do anything.

Life is not easy, everybody knows that. There is nothing that everyone can do easily, without a lot of sacrifice and hard work. Some people sleep very easily, no matter where they find themselves. In fact, I have a friend who can fall asleep even while jogging. It may sound funny, but it is true. Whereas, there are people who find it so hard to fall asleep, and for that reason, result to the use of drugs to help them to go to sleep.

No matter what the problem may be, the KEY is to FIND the RIGHT KEY(S)! If you can’t do something, find the reason why you can’t do that thing. Then the next step is to find alternative ways to do it so you can get the expected results. You should not just give up without finding the key to the solution of your problem! Remember, there is always a solution. The only thing you need to do is to find the key(s) so you can get to the right solution and obtain the desired result(s).

A couple of years ago, I looked at myself and saw that I have got excess weight, compared with my height. I had a pot belly, like a pregnant woman who can’t just give birth, after along pregnancy. So I thought to myself: “I am a man, so why should I have a belly like a pregnant woman?  I need to do something about it.” It was really embarrassing to go to the beach and bare my pot-belly figure to the whole world to see.

So I decided to lose some of the excess baggage I was carrying in my body. I thought there was a magic wand, like that of Harry Potter, to use to make things happen in a flash, but there is no such thing in real life. I found out in my research, that if I wanted to get rid of my bulging stomach, all I had to do is to lose weight and then it will affect the rest of my body. For this reason, I thought the best way to lose weight is to go to a fitness center, and I did! I signed up with a fitness center for one year. However, I found no difference with regards to my weight BEFORE and AFTER signing up with the fitness center for a whole year. So I thought to myself: “why waste money on something that won’t work? Find something else to do that will work.”

I didn’t give up though with my quest to shed the unwanted body load I was carrying.  As I was searching for answers, I came upon a news article on the internet, which said that in order to maintain the desired body weight; the Japanese people have a philosophy which goes: that you should never eat until you are completely full before you stop. Rather, you should stop eating when you are three-quarters full, no matter what your appetite craves. So I realized that I have been overeating, because, prior to reading that article, I had been eating until I could eat no more. But that was just one of the keys for losing weight, and I needed to find the other keys that were missing.

Then finally, I found the other missing keys: eating the right foods, exercising in open places, (like in the parks) and having a good night sleep. I had been missing all those things, and that was the reason why I didn’t succeed in my journey to the land of weight control.

After years of unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, I finally lost weight in just a couple of weeks, and now my protruding belly is almost as flat as a level ground!

You see, for years I didn’t lose weight no matter how hard I tried to get it down. However, when I found the right ways and implemented them properly, I lost almost 10 kg (22 lbs) in just a couple of weeks.

What made the difference is that I found the keys to unlock the door to the land of weight control. For over one year now, I have maintained this new-found weight, and I am making sure that I don’t go back again to square one, as so many people do after losing their excess body weight. You can do that too if you follow these guidelines.

  1. First, never give up on your quest to shed your excess body weight. Know that there is always a way to getting the desired results, if you persist in your endeavor. There should be no room for pessimism.
  2. Next, find the right key(s) that will help you to open the door(s) to the land of success. You can never cook a delicious meal if you don’t have the right ingredients.  Find the right way(s) that will lead you to the right destination.
  3. Finally, use the key(s) properly to get to your final destination. You may have the right keys to success; however, if you don’t use them the way you are supposed to, you might not get anywhere. If you don’t use them in a sensible way, you might even get lost along the way, and you will never reach the goal of which you have worked so hard for.

In conclusion, I have learned in life, that there is always a solution for every situation; for every problem. The KEY however, is to get to the RIGHT KEYS. And once you have got the right keys, use them appropriately, and don’t stop until you reach your ultimate goal!  REMEMBER, MOST PEOPLE WHO ACHIEVE EXTRAORDINARY FEATS ARE ORDINARY PEOPLE! IF THEY CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Toronto, Canada

Education Consultant

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Kwame Amponsah

Consultant, South East Asia

Upon completion of his B.A degree in Religion and Biology in 1991, Mr. Amponsah began his career as a teacher, and with his passion in serving others through the teaching profession, Kwame has worked with students from around the globe including Ghana, Russia, South Korea and now Thailand. His 20 years of experience in teaching includes the subjects of English, Math, and Sciences. Mr Amponsah also completed his Master’s Degree in 2005.
Through his devotion to his students, Mr. Amponsah is now serving as an educational consultant, and continues to diligently help students in ensuring they receive the best education possible, achieving their goals in whatever career they wish to pursue. His ongoing commitment is to giving others every opportunity to become better citizens of their communities and the globe
Kwame resides in Bangkok, Thailand, and continues to serve as the primary access point for students in South East Asia. You can learn more about him on his website: kwamzworld
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This post is dedicated to those who believe in a Divine power other than human power, controlling the universe. Some people believe in God; some believe Buddha and others believe in something else.
Whoever or whatever you believe in, here is a place where we all can meditate on words that inspire and encourage us to move on with our lives even though life gets tough and sometimes we don’t know what to do. When all seem lost and don’t know what to do, look unto the higher power that can propel us forward to endure whatever difficulties that come our way, and march on to victory!
Welcome to the inspirational world!

The Key 3

The Key

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THE KEY: To Cure Your Incurable Diseases Computer Keyboard

In everything you do, there is a better way to approach it in order to achieve the best possible results.

I have had fingernail problem for over a year. I have been to two different hospitals; seen three different dermatologists, and yet couldn’t find a cure for it. These dermatologists prescribed some medicine (creams and some tablets) to combat this social-killer disease, but to no avail. I decided then to quit finding a cure for it, because I came to think that there is no cure for it, as one doctor told me the other time, that there is no cure for high blood pressure, but from my research, I’ve come to know that there is a cure for it.

This fingernail disease has been dragging my self-esteem level down. I feel very uncomfortable to even shake hands with my close friends, let alone with strangers, dreading their comments on my fingernails status. As a result, I began to take charge of my life. I started to search the internet to find alternative solutions (aside from conventional medicine), to get rid of this eyesore health condition.

I went through dozens and dozens of websites, and tried numerous remedies being advocated by those sites, and all of them couldn’t help. I got tired and gave up searching and continued to live with it as much as I can. However, on one occasion, when one of friends looked at my messy fingernails and felt pathetic for my situation, I began to feel the urgency of getting rid of this despicable health condition.

Back again, to the internet! I started searching once more, for the best way to cure this fingernail degradation once and for all! As it turned out, I stumbled on this website;, and it made all the difference! I think it is Godsend, because I have been praying for a cure by hook or crook, to free myself from this cantankerous disease. This website has 1 to 3 methods to get rid of nail fungus. I tried only one of the suggestions in method 1:
Apply Vick’s VapoRub.
 Administer a small amount of the decongestant rub to the nail and cover your feet with socks or your hands with cloth gloves before going to bed. Make sure to remove all moisture from the nail before applying Vick’s. I did and voilà! That was the turning point! My fungus-infested fingernails began their healing process immediately! It’s only a little over a week when I started applying the Vick’s VapoRub on them and they are clean as if nothing ever happened to them! Even the skin around the fingernails that I thought would never be good looking again, are now healing, and no more painful as they used to be two weeks ago.

What made the difference, you may ask. To me, what made the difference was my quest to find the right cure no matter the cost! I used the conventional method (going to hospital the; getting diagnosed and giving medicine) and it didn’t work. However, I tried the alternative medicine, and tada! There comes the cure I’ve waited for so long!

After this incredible experience, I came to know that the key to every successful outcome is to find the right keys and use them properly.

Every day, people try to find right answers for whatever they are pursuing; however, they fail simply because they could not find the right ways to go about them.

This breakthrough has taught me the following principles:

  1. Never give in and never give up, in finding solutions to your problems, even if takes all of your life to get the required results.
  2. Research, research and research again until you find the right ways to achieve your aim.
  3. Don’t be discouraged if you fail! Try again, and again. In the end, you will be victorious. It’s always better to do something than to do nothing at all.
  4. Don’t take anyone’s prognosis to decide your fate in anything. Your life is in your own hands. No matter what others say, you have the ultimate power to do or undo yourself a favor in reaching your goals in life. Remember, the sky is the limit! God for it; find the right answers!
  5. Finally, dare to make the necessary adjustments in whatever way possible to achieve your goals in life, whether it is to attain a successful career; a successful marriage life or a successful healthy life.

The bottom line: The key to successful endings is to find the right keys and used them properly and you can achieve almost everything you set your eyes on!

I’d be happy to hear from you too. Share your stories with us, and tell us how you found the “right keys,” in whatever you set your mind on doing. So long!